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Information for syncing and sharing:. Qfile can only synchronize the file list and does not download the files to a mobile device. Shared File Links: List the status of shared

links. Create user accounts on the NAS Install Qsync, client on your PC and Qfile. Remote Access Accessing the NAS over the Internet To connect to a remote NAS (over the Internet the administrator is required to configure the device name for the NAS in "myqnapcloud" first (Login the NAS NAS Desktop click the myqnapcloud shortcut.) Next, notify the users. Start using Qsync Client Click on the Qsync Client icon on the menu bar to bring up the menu. Send a notification message once sharing occurs. View the logs of updated files and folders. Default setting ( qsync /Camera Uploads) or select. If you have any question, please contact 42 of people think it helps. Log into the NAS, after installing the utility, enter the user ID and password and specify the designated NAS as the Qsync server. Manual setup to set the. Before using Qsync Follow the 3 steps below before Qsync deployment. Users can choose to accept or decline the team folders. Due to the importance of these files, having a backup solution for. Or download the utility from the qnap website: Support Download Utilities. Control synchronization progress: Pause syncing / Resume syncing: Click to pause or resume syncing, Sync with NAS now: Force Qsync to scan again and refresh the synchronization list. For mobile devices, launch the Qfile to share the file in the Qsync folder by clicking the icon to the right and click "Share".

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Set up Synchronization folder pairs Synchronize folder pairs between your folders on a Mac generator and your NAS. Have Qsync utility installed on each members paypal device. You can add multiple NAS to be synchronized with different Qsync folders on the local device. Only the equivalent number of latest versions as of the new settings will be kept. For mobile devices, please download and install Qfile for iOS or Android. Create user accounts on the NAS, Install Qsync Client on your PC and Qfile on your mobile devices.

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Right click the file that you would like to share in the local Qsync folder and click "Share the link". Sync photos and videos automatically Qsync can sync your photos and videos on mobile devices to the Qsync folder of across all Qsync clients automatically. You can also choose to enable or disable the Qsync service (for administrators only.). Conflict Policies: The policies for handling the name conflicts between the Qsync server (NAS) and clients after it is back online from its disconnection: 1). Shared folders: Administrators can configure synchronization on shared folders. File Update Center: List the file or folder update logs. It also provides options for you to manage each device, allowing you to edit their settings, block them, or remotely erase them. Then the connected NAS for synchronization will be displayed on the left side of the Qsync main page.

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To locate the remote NAS within a LAN environment, simply click Search to find it or enter its IP address or name. After the backup job is done, you can go to File Station of the destination NAS and check if files are local being copied. Follow the instructions detailed on the "Overview" page to download the utility (Login the NAS click the Qsync shortcut on the NAS Desktop "Overview" page or download the utility from the qnap website: "Support" "Download" "Utilities". Personal Startup Settings: Choose to launch Qsync at startup or not. In Settings, enter the destination NAS IP, and the username and password of Rsync backup server. Note: If the ports have weather been changed for NAS connection, please append the port number to the IP address; otherwise, please only cloud enter an IP address (Default port number: digital 8080). After synchronization is enabled, users who have read and write privileges of this shared folder can sync its content with other devices. Share the folders with a group You can share a folder with a group of users. The target folder The "Enable version control" is the main switch of the version control. Note: The team folder will take effect after the invited users accept their invitation. Filter Settings: During file synchronization, Qsync will not sync the file types specified in the filter settings. You can use the NAS smtp server settings (administrators only the e-mail account on your PC or you can configure a new smtp server.