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The currency code for Dollars is USD, and the currency symbol. Enter the amount to be converted in the box to the left of Bitcoin. Perpetrators of spam or abuse will be deleted from the site and prohibited from future registration at ms discretion. (EMV)Etheriya (riya)Etheroll (dice)Etherx (ETX)Eurocoin (EUC)EuropeCoin (ERC)EverGreenCoin (EGC)Evil Coin (evil)Evotion (EVO)Excelcoin (EXL)ExclusiveCoin (excl)Expanse (EXP)Facecoin (FC)Factom (FCT)FairCoin (fair)Falcoin code (FAL)Fantomcoin (FCN)Fargocoin (frgc)Fastcoin (FST)Fazzcoin (fazz)Feathercoin (FTC)FedoraCoin (tips)FedoraShare (feds)FiboCoins (FBC)fimkrypto (fimk)FinCoin (FNC)Firecoin (fire)FireFlyCoin (FFC)First Bitcoin (BIT)First Bitcoin Cap. The United States Dollar is the currency in American Samoa (AS, ASM British Virgin Islands (VG, VGB, BVI El Salvador (SV, SLV Guam (GU, GUM Marshall Islands (MH, MHL Micronesia (Federated States of Micronesia, FM, FSM Northern Mariana Islands (MP, MNP Palau (PW, PLW Puerto.