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Electrum, the bitcoin client

Spreading awareness every way we can 252 59 comments, if you plan to support B2X on your exchange, I've made a logo you can use. 127 33 comments, vitalik Buterin

says Craig Wright is Not Satoshi. What is Segwit1X, Segwit2X and Bitcoin Cash? The best thin bitcoin wallet software. Asks Him to Stop Being a Fraud comments. What can I do to access the exchanges more securely? Electrum even if protected with a password is nowhere near as secure as the hardware wallet. 4 4 comments, gDAX not available in Minnesota, other ways to move funds from Coinbase to Desktop wallet without fees? There is malware that steals bitcoin from local. Comments, train to 5k is departing, don't miss it! 263 73 comments, whats happening right now. 5 15 comments, buying bitcoin on Coinbase during the fork. Where and what should I check if I suspect something is compromised? They need to just change it to bitcoin cash wallet and let people know that it is a fork of electrum. China had no impact in mid-term. 8 2 comments, a bunch of questions: coinbase, hardfork, electrum, ethereum, 3 billionaire 3 comments, no service fee Bitcoin BTM. 268 73 comments, whats happening right now.

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