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Good one too much wine for me i guess joestrevell: NSA will hack all coins with a quantum computer, short sell now sidhujag: well he invested in sys WuTangForever: The

thrill of victory, the agony of defeat CaptAhab: rext is rebounding? Glitch: yours KontraK: zdrodz, what should i check out exactly? Ljm81: MayPine, lol ok i did dewr: nxt logoodoking pixulated: about to make some bank :D MrRom: soleiljy, 28th ashirules007: pixulated, wait for actuall rally to 300 tommorrow banetowitrin: its that time again. TaxationIsTheft: OldManKidd, what joke? Taking into account these tough economic times, qnap decided to offer a more budget friendly. The Privilege Settings section will mostly take care of the users and their permissions, along with shared folders and Active Directory configurations. Best14you: My XEM somehow got lost in transit, and I do not understand where they went. The heart of the unit is a quad- core, aRM-based processor. Mugiwara: ephx, I experienced it Cherrybell: Kimmy, coin dunk InflatableElvis: jimmy_1234, Ah brother rektksha from rektsalalasha province, good to see you again Anondran: keugere, does qora have devs Malooka: I suspect this IslamicCoin will take off. Aagaard: Updated at 1:40pm EST: Segregated Witness has been merged into bitcoin core. Zoner: coinsatan, well u still get charge by the trading platform fullmetal55: Sia TrumpyD: moonjelly, how do u safely store your coins all these different wallets driving me nuts WolfOfCyberStreet: aliyilmazgc, yes brother, you will see some good profits tomorrow zdrodz: once they release those. I need to buy low and sell high :D saulys: Mugiwara, so you just came here to get confirmation on your already formed decision ) Mugiwara: saulys, yeah sort of xD Mugiwara: saulys, btw thanks for your suggestions mgccensored: sia went up! I would like to have 2 wallets adress of the same coin hardhatminer: can't wait till btc hits 720 tonight and eth is under.02 thunderwolf: elnino, dont think so much. Just guarantees it's going to get rekked saulys: shorts, even 50 is too close, imho. Qubix, I have a qnap nas, and I noticed they have python available. Anondran: sidhujag, uhmm Futterwacken: PRO TIP: Some rely on charts, others rely on Trolls. Jonrikter: sc is making clench my chest like george jefferson JsennesJ: nxt holders pump and dump for moving XEM what using nxt technology but are in better situation in Asia Mugiwara: saulys, well you always go to either one, no helping that.

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InflatableElvis: CaptAhab, afaik it is the only alt coin to ever be invested in publicly by a government agency CoinYoda: Sia: sidhujag: Mugiwara, 10k sats RoxN: Sys is making a market d they yhave one of the worst. Shakes: why is SC doing so well? Mugiwara: BUD, ahhahaha some angry birds mate vegas: if ETH goes down in value it will be easy for hacker to outmine them so they proping it up DingFod: I would be surprised if eth can hold above 10usd until the halving, after that its. Moonjelly: TrumpyD, basically what you see it's just 10 of storj, the other 90 is in hands of the devs and I'm not sure how they will manage it OldManKidd: aliyilmazgc, lets not start that spam please Lucifer666: coinkeeper, XMShowcase: lookup, kowkowkow QuantumCowboy: yes,. OldManKidd: zoned, thank you notabrick: MayPine, well they can't get rid of it until there is enough support to do so OldManKidd: thunderwolf, lol. We arent relying on transform but we just follow old tested and true methodology that worked before superpipo50: I ve deposited 100 to my usdt wallet 1 hour ago but I don't see my deposit on balance Futterwacken: Periphery, have a good one power8: Futterwacken.