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See Daily Mail article ) Formed Ranger star Arnold Peralta was shot dead in his home city of La Ceiba, Honduras.) Many  countries may see terrorist attacks from lone gunmen. Specific

Predictions made Sept 2015 for year 2016: Prince Phillip will be taken ill and may pass away. See Daily Telegraph 6th May 2017 Attempted Hacking of French Election ( See article 6 May BBC ) Correct 10/10 Emmanuel Macron wins French Election Wrong 0/10 French Election will be neck-and-neck. Bitcoin Forecast - bitcoin forecast I cannot. See Hillary Clinton recent comments by her friend in the. The first in this series is titled. Financial Astrology - September 5, 2017 - Subscription - Our second half 2017. 2017 sees Italy in serious economic problems. Of the crypto currencies like Bitcoin. ( Happening 5/10 Update 1st August 2016: The French are calling for a penal island for terrorists. ( 10/10 Correct: The Empire State Building was spectacularly hit by lightening 26th July) A huge earthquake will hit the Himalayas and a big Dam may burst. ( Correct: 10/10 The closing ceremony was hit by a torrential rainstorm and was nearly stopped because of bad weather, See Daily Mail Article. Correct that Jeb Bush becomes a presidential contender but now third in polls. Assembly in between the eclipses which the pope will. ( Correct : 8/10 Reports are saying that isis is rapidly losing the war on the ground and is shifting its focus to European terror attacks but it is not a total defeat) The free movement of people is stopped in Europe and many countries. Predicted 11 September 2015. Perhaps the prediction is right but Im getting the wrong candidate?

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